Punterest hits the Apple App Store

Please note that Punterest has been removed from sale so I can focus on other projects.

After a couple of weeks of development, and a few false starts, v1.0 of our joke and pun-sharing community App Punterest is finally available on the Apple App Store.

The first release is just to confirm the process and the suitability and only has the basic functionality; registration and login, the ability to view and rate puns, comments, and the option to send your own.

Future updates will focus around; searching the community for jokes and puns, bookmarking your favourites, and improves to the flow and the commenting system.

We have high hopes for a quality humour app that isn't for the faint of heart but isn't outright offensive to everyone either, so please support us in our efforts.

Its a free download, without any adverts!

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