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Kitchen Geekery

Kitchen Geekery

Launched in July 2011, Kitchen Geekery is a website with articles, hundreds of thorough recipes, and kitchen reviews equipment for the discerning foodie.

Kitchen Geekery has been enjoyed by millions of cooks around the world, and an exciting new version of its publishing platform is due for launch in 2020.



Sneaker Drop

SneakerDrop is the source for all the latest sneaker, street and urban fashion trends. With a network of social media channels, and a layer of exciting data-analysis behind the scenes to power it all.

SneakerDrop is now looking to further grow its social channels in 2020 ahead of launching its first product range in 2021.


Holiday Hare

Holiday Hare

Holiday Hare brings you everything you need to plan your next holiday or trip — all in one place.

Holiday Hare lets would-be travellers books flights, check visa requirements, and access weather and travel information for any country or city. All of this is wrapped up in a bundle of insightful and thoughtful editorial to ensure people have the best possible travel experiences.