Bonbon offers a series of flexible professional technical and marketing services.

Fractional CTO (CTO as a Service)

As a consultant CTO I can operate on a consultancy, part-time or interim basis to provide technical leadership, strategy, and advice to your organisation.

I can fill any gaps in your organisations technical skills, providing high-level technical leadership. This is often to help oversee a new or junior team, to help hire a technical team, or to ensure your technical direction is on the right path.

Not every company needs a full-time CTO, but a fractional CTO can still provide considerable value and insight to your business.

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Blockchain/NFT Advisory & Development

In the last few years we have successfully launched several large blockchain projects; including token offerings, NFT launches and blockchain-powered business tools.

We have extensive experience with smart contract development, blockchain architecture and also providing consultancy for investment decks, community engagement, and the creation of whitepapers.

If you have something exciting in mind and it could benefit from our experience with blockchain technologies (Such as Ethereum, Immutable X, Polygon, Solidity, IPFS, FinTech, NFTs) then please get in touch.

Platform Development

Building the next Instagram, eBay or Deliveroo? Bonbon can provide development services for prototypes, seed products or fully-marketed platforms. Our experienced team has delivered over 40m App installs, and built platforms which engage hundreds of thousands of users for companies based in the UK, the United Arab Emirates and across Europe.

We can assist with putting your idea on firm foundations and the right path and advise on technical stack, budget, feasibility or the implementation itself.

Virtual Marketing Support

Bonbon offers fixed-price monthly packages for your social media channels; with creation and engagement packages from £450p/m.

Our UK-based Social Media Manager can prepare and deliver a strategy to grow and engage your audience on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

This service is completely managed, so we will create and post content.

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