How NFTs are Changing the Landscape of Video Games and Esports

The world of video games and esports has evolved significantly over the past decade, with the dominance of the App Store with casual gamers leading a rapid shift in how players interact with games and each other. One of the most significant recent developments in this space is the adoption of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) - unique digital assets that are transforming the landscape of gaming and esports. In this article, we will explore the various ways in which NFTs are changing the industry and the potential opportunities for game developers, players, and investors.

The Opportunity

I was reading an article on the growth of NFT revenues in gaming, and some of the numbers involved are startling, the success of in-game currencies and in-app purchases is not unknown, but the size of the NFT share of this is higher than most expect, and as mentioned it is only going to increase. This opening extract clearly paints the opportunity.

Kagan estimates that publishers made $3.64 billion in revenue from non-fungible tokens connected to items for use inside of video games in 2022, and we expect that figure to grow at a 33.5.% compound annual growth rate through 2027 to $15.46 billion as more games with NFT mechanics come to market and attract a wider player base.

The Emergence of New Play-to-Earn Models

Traditionally, gamers have spent money to acquire in-game assets such as skins, weapons, and other items to enhance their gaming experience. With the integration of NFTs, these in-game assets can now be tokenised and owned by players on the blockchain, enabling the rise of play-to-earn models. In this new paradigm, players could earn rewards in the form of NFTs, which can be traded, sold, or used as collateral in decentralised finance (DeFi) platforms. This shift empowers gamers with the ability to monetise their time and effort, creating new revenue streams and fostering a more equitable gaming ecosystem.

Enhancing Digital Ownership and Scarcity

NFTs allow for the creation of verifiable digital scarcity, which can be harnessed by game developers to create unique and rare in-game items. By tokenising these assets, developers can ensure their authenticity and establish a transparent, tamper-proof ownership record. This not only enhances the value of in-game items but also allows for new gameplay mechanics, such as in-game asset rentals or sharing between players. Moreover, NFTs enable players to truly own their in-game items, giving them the freedom to transfer or sell them across different platforms and marketplaces.

The Expansion of Cross-Platform and Cross-Game Compatibility:

As NFTs are held on the wider blockchain, they can be integrated into multiple games and platforms. This creates opportunities for game developers to collaborate and develop interconnected gaming worlds, where players can utilise their NFT assets across various games. This cross-platform compatibility not only enriches the gaming experience but also increases the value of NFT assets, as their utility extends beyond a single game or platform.

The Emergence of NFTs in Esports

NFTs can be utilised outside of games themselves, allowing the tokenisation of player contracts, the creation of digital merchandise, and even tokenising match highlights. This allows for new revenue streams and fan engagement opportunities, while also providing a secure and transparent method for tracking ownership and provenance.

In Summary

The integration of NFTs in the video game and esports landscape is still in its early stages, but the potential for disruption and innovation is immense. By empowering players with true ownership, fostering cross-platform compatibility, and opening up new revenue streams, NFTs are transforming the gaming industry in ways we are only beginning to imagine.

As experts in the NFT and gaming space, we are excited to help clients navigate this rapidly evolving landscape and capitalise on the opportunities it presents. Please feel free to reach out to discuss how we can help you leverage the power of NFTs in your gaming ventures.


A tech native with 20 years of experience across the digital space. Darryl is an evangelist for the power and disruption of blockchain technologies and fosters a passion for bringing ever greater utility and adoption to the masses.

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